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User Task Management

Tasks are individual actions required by your Users. Tasks can be licenses to upload, certificates information to upload/complete or courses to complete. Any document that you need to record and track for their validity and compliance.


Categorise User by Type

Get the reporting you need by using Altora’s customisable User Type category. Tag Users based on their job title, department or location.

Build Programs

A Program is a bundle of tasks, which can be documents/forms or courses that are assigned to Users to complete.

The benefit of using Programs is it saves you time and the ability to assign groups of tasks to different User types. By using our Programs Feature, you can assign tasks to Users and run completion status reports for a complete picture of your Users’ training and compliance.

Programs can be based on a workers’ line of work, team, location, training module or a project.

Join more than 100 companies Australia-wide that use Altora to run safety inductions online and monitor worker compliance accurately for their business.